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Karthikeyan's personal website, who is fully interested in SEO Consulting, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing and Blogging etc..

An Eager and Active SEO Analyst with complete knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine updates, Search Ranking algorithms and Online marketing. Self learning, guiding and consulting are my strength among other optimizers. From my experience I clearly knew about how to get well results even risky and complex projects to my clients within the time. An Ability to combine technical, analytical and creative skills which in turn able create a most compelling business websites constantly to meet the satisfaction of clients.

Analyzing, Optimizing and Ranking

Wesite Analyzing, optimizing and Ranking

Analyzing current marketing trends & competitor strategy, optimizing the business websites in ethical way and to get ranking for competitive keywords are my work flow.

I strongly believe the SEO Techniques of White Hat. So far I have ranked nearly 300+ competitive keywords in Google Search Engine Result Pages from various industries like finance, insurance, banking, business, electronic goods, travel, real estate and more.

Search Engine Marketing Consultant

An engineering degree holder of 5 years professional experience in Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing.

Find here a precious offer of the rare probabilities, to train you on the right path of your business journey. Just boost-up your website and let it be very sturdy and brawny than ever before. Improving your website’s performance in no such hard errand, when I am ready here! Consult me right now; I will doctor your site for good ranking with the highly techniques.

SEO Analyst

If you are the one who looks to get the most out of the web pages and top of the technique, now it is the right time of chosen! Know the solutions for all your lighting questions and also a few bunch of facts where many SEO firms never let out.

I am ready on your time! Leave me a message or drop me mail. I will be available in another 24 hrs of running minutes. Then let us start our conversation on, whether I need to answer your Q’s or You want me to write a short history about your website or You want to know that why & how your competitor leads you! Whatever is highlighted let me clear you.

Websites are the breath of online businesses; I can make bloom for your business for sure. Ping me at seoanalyst (at) live dot com

Happy Consulting !!

SEO Audit Analysis and Website Consultation

Website Consulting and Optimizing

Don’t think that SEO Audit is something from Utopia! It is of detecting the codes and structures that downfalls your search engine results and prescribes the right solutions to handle them the right way.

My eye-watch gets you the answers on the duplicate content, broken links, drooping links, repeated title & meta tags, HTML codes, resolution compatibility, loading error and web ranking convolutions et al by the real hatchbacks.

  • Pre SEO Audit
  • Detailed Website Analysis
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • Website Accessibility
  • Link profile Analysis
  • Advanced Keyword Research

I guarantee for a short time to frame out the negatives signing on your website, where you can re-sign with positive clutches right away. Try out the new practice for your website can ascend on SERP indeed.

SEO Portfolio
cool off inc

Cool-off.com is one of the online misting systems, patio misting umbrellas, misting fans, cooling systems and shade sails providers in Texas.

Website: cool-off LLC
EInsurance California

Einsurance California is the domain owned by one of the leading insurance agent in US who provides all types of auto insurance, home insurance, commercial insurance etc.

Website: EInsurance California
Everlast Welders

One of the top most arc welders, mig welders and plasma cutter providers in USA, California and Australia.

Website: Everlast Welders
Search Realty

Search Realty is the leading home buying, real estate selling and real estate listing providers in california.

Website: Search Realty
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